University Course Books for a Fraction of the Price

Now it’s ‘back to school’ season, those who have returned or just started at university are probably finding it something of a shock having to buy their own course books. Issued with lengthy reading lists, a visit to the local university bookshop can set you back a fair few pounds and leave you with a sizeable dent in your student loan. Textbooks in particular are extremely expensive, but luckily for today’s students there is an alternative: buying used books online for a fraction of the cost.

Cheap used books can be found to match almost every (if not every) item on your reading list. Retailers selling used books online are able to do so cheaply because they don’t have to pay the large overheads for staff and premises that a high street bookshop would. Plus, it helps out those who no longer need their course books and so wish to sell them on to online retailers or individuals.

When looking for cheap used books online, most retailers will give you an indication of the condition of the book. You’ll often find that books can range from ‘like new’ to ‘good’ condition and be perfectly useable for their purpose (with no written notes or torn out pages). If you’re willing to sacrifice even further on the condition of the book, prices shoot even lower. There is barely any noticeable difference between those books described as ‘like new’ and those which are genuinely brand new. That is, no difference except the price.