Go For Aluminium Rainwater Systems

Rainwater systems need to be discrete and compact offering the maximum in capability while also blending in with the building in question. This is particularly important for businesses that are trying to create a cohesive image for their building while also driving down the cost of maintenance on such structures. Aluminium gutters are a thoroughly modern solution that typically provides excellent performance as well as a high flow capacity, which should be great for both projecting eaves and flush applications. Their external appearance is typically flattering to any building since they conceal the jointing as well as the site fixing, making them a great option for businesses.

The performance of aluminium rainwater guttering should be BBA approved and manufactured to BS 1474:1972 standards in order to ensure maximum reliability. As businesses would expect, products like this are non-corrodible and are very easy to fix, meaning minimal maintenance. Their life expectancy is ultimately around 40 years in more rural and suburban areas while this is invariably reduced in industrial areas to around 25 years.

Heritage options have a similar life expectancy since they can also be made of aluminium. The appearance should only be aesthetic, while the performance must be as up to date as possible. These can act as a direct replacement for old cast iron systems that have corroded and need to be replaced. The heritage design is therefore fantastic for any old listed buildings that need restoring to their former glory. These may be manufactured to BS 2997:1958 standards.