Starting As You Mean to Go on

As a puppy, it is important for a dog to be trained to be obedient and well behaved. An undisciplined and unruly puppy will grow into a naughty and possibly aggressive dog.
So, nipping bad behaviour in the bud before he grows into bad habits is essential.

Training your dog can be done anytime, anywhere and can really increase the bond between you and dog. Building a relationship will increase trust so you have the confidence to know how your dog will react with other pets, children and people as well as putting a stop to undesirable behaviours such as jumping up, barking and chewing.

Dog training classes are very social places for you and your dog, so as well as resulting in a well behaved dog, you’ll meet like minded people and have a great time. They will teach you simple commands and give you advice on the best way to continue the training outside of the class.

To train your dog, a praise and reward system is a very effective method. Rewarding good and desirable behaviour will train the dog to repeat said behaviour. Training is not an overnight process and can take a while for the behaviour to stick. Consistency is the key so make sure everyone in the household is relaying the same message. If not, the dog will become confused and much more difficult to train.

Obedience training from an early age will benefit you and your dog, building your relationship so you have a long and happy life together.

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