What Can You Do to Attract the Right People for Your Retail Job?

Retail is a fast moving environment that needs to quickly respond to customer demand and future trends. Whether you have a traditional store environment, operate exclusively online or do a combination of the two, employing the right people for the right jobs is essential if you are to survive and remain successful in this competitive environment.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect buyer, store manager, Saturday sales assistant or merchandiser, you need to get it right. The wrong goods for the season or a sales assistant lacking in customer service skills and you will lose sales and customer loyalty. So what do you need to do to ensure that you attract the right people to your retail job?

It’s all about the branding

To attract the right candidates you need to make yourself stand out from the other retailers and draw the attention of those who fit in well with your culture, style and ethos. Make sure that what you stand for as a brand is out there and obvious. Are you all about the high end of the market or offering fast and replaceable fashion? Do you pride yourself on your eco credentials, in supporting the community or in your industry associations? By being clear about what you represent those who share similar beliefs will be naturally drawn towards you.

Finding your target candidates

If you’re clear about your company’s branding then it will be easier to actively find the target candidates for your retail job. Think about where they might look for jobs. It may be from an advert placed in your window, from the local press, from recruitment agencies or online specialist retail recruitment agenciesfor example. If you’re looking for students then try advertising at the local college or university. If you’re aligned with a particular industry then think about the relevant trade press.

Don’t forget new media

And make sure that you don’t forget about new media. If you’re company is on Facebook or twitter then advertise your vacancy there. You’ll instantly put your vacancy in front of those who already like or are associated with you and they’ll often pass details onto friends who could be interested. And don’t forget LinkedIn – you’ll be able to search for candidates who have the skills and work experience that you are looking for.

Sell the role

When advertising make sure that you sell the role so that it is attractive. Keep the responsibilities that go with the job high level. Focus on the key aspects and make sure that you highlight the benefits and any perks that come with the role. Give information about what you are looking for in a candidate. If specific experience is required then say so.

Finally, make sure that your interview process is appropriate to the role. You’re unlikely to need two interviews, for example, for a Saturday assistant. And, if you’re thinking of using role-play, give it some real thought as many otherwise good candidates can be put off by this unless it’s well executed and meaningful.

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