Importing A Car From Japan: What Questions Should I Ask A RAWS?

Importing A Car From Japan: What Questions Should I Ask A RAWS?

By hiring a Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW), you can make importing a vehicle from Japan into Australia a lot easier. What are some questions that you have to consider before you go with a specific RAW to ensure that you can enjoy a straightforward import process?

‘What experience do you have?’

If you are going to work with a RAW to help import your vehicle, you know that they have already been subject to several application processes, background checks, and inspections. Yet this does not mean that you cannot ask them how long they have been in business, what experience they have importing cars from Japan, what experience they have with your vehicle type, and anything else that you consider important. Just because someone has experience with importing vehicles from the UK, it does not necessarily mean that they are adequately prepared to import vehicles from Japan.

‘Can you detail the finances?’

You should ask your RAWs about the finances of your import, but not just the overall cost. You want a systematic breakdown of each of the costs associated with the process. You want a close estimate on what the expenses for your import will be. Some of the fees to consider include maintenance and modifications, Used Import Plate fitting costs, application fees, import and export preparation fees and many more. You want an accurate idea of how much this is going to cost because these fees can add up rather quickly.

‘Who takes care of what?’

There are a number of things that your RAWS may not be able to do without your approval or without your authorization. This means you have to complete these actions yourself. By assuming that everything is taken care of, you may encounter delays later on. While you may be able to wait a few weeks for your car, the associated storage costs are certainly not preferable. You also want to question whether they (or a broke) have to be present for the vehicle inspection appointment.

‘What about permits’

There are some RAW companies that include getting registration and important permits as a part of their service. Others will expect the buyer guide to secure these permits themselves. You will need to ask about all the documentation and permits that you need. It would be unwise to assume that something is included, only to find out that a specific permit was never granted.