How To Stop Vomiting During Pregnancy

How To Stop Vomiting During Pregnancy

Anyone who has been pregnant in the past will know that one of the toughest parts of the pregnancy is going through acute bouts of morning sickness. Yes, there are plenty of conventional treatments available that often provide relief, but not every expectant mother is able to find a reduction in bouts of sickness when using these treatments. This is why there is a growing call for the use of medicinal cannabis as a treatment option for mothers, where the normal treatment option has failed to offer any benefit.

Most pregnant women will have heard of treatments such as ondansetron, metoclopramide, and promethazine. The benefit these treatments provide does indeed vary from person to person, but cannabis experts believe a universal reduction in morning sickness can be achieved by using certain cannabis strains. There are no side effects with using cannabis for morning sickness, which cannot be said about conventional treatments which often lead to feelings of dizziness and lethargy. In some rare cases, metoclopramide can result in nerve damage and potentially heart failure if used incorrectly.

Avoid Smoking – Vaping Is The Route To Go

It is important as a pregnant mother not to smoke cannabis, and instead vape it. Using edibles is also another direction to take. This is especially recommended if you want a longer lasting relief, but it does take a while for the effect to “kick in”. If you want fast relief, vaping should be your chosen method.

What Strains to Use?


Chemdawg is my personal favourite. It is excellent for targeting pain quickly, as well as lessening the feeling of nausea. It is important that you have some level of tolerance to the psychoactive compound THC before using Chemdawg for the first time, as it is quite a strong strain.

NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is an alternative to Chemdawg to consider. It has had industry-wide recognition with being awarded a total of nine Cannabis Cup awards. Again, like the Chemdawg, the high associated with NYC Diesel is quite strong, but anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that it is suitable for use during the day. For mothers who suffer from bouts of chronic pain, have also appreciated and commented positively on the reduction of pain they feel.  NYC Diesel is also great at stimulating appetite, so not only is it suitable for morning sickness, it is perfect for cancer patients who are embarking on rounds of chemotherapy.

For more information about the latest strains for morning sickness, you may wish to check out

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