How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions?

How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions?

With the 1st January on the calendar, you can now easily witness lots of posts on social media about new year resolutions. People make new promises to themselves and set new targets to make their life better in the new year, but not all of them succeed. Only a few get to achieve what they planned and promised to themselves.  

You might also be making new year’s resolutions every year but failed to keep the spirit high for long. Some resolutions get thrashed even in the first month of the new year, and that’s why there is a need to know how to achieve them. 

If you also want a solution to this problem, then you must pat your back as you have already completed the first step by showing care towards your weak point. As you are reading this, you are sufficiently acknowledging the area you need to improve. 

One thing we want you to do right now is to forget your resolutions until you read it last.

Keep Your List Short

One of the most common mistakes that people make is stretching their list of new year’s resolutions. It is just like taking too many projects in hand at once, which always lead to a mess. And if you get yourself hitched up with so many new year resolutions, then you will surely end up failing in all. Another problem is that every resolution needs something different from you to put in and if you follow so many resolutions at once that things can get mixed and you have to forsake something for the other. So, keep your list short with two or three resolutions at max.

Set Small Targets

If you have played video games, then you must know the word “Check Point’. And if you are in the corporate sector, then you must know about the bifurcation of big projects in different teams under different categories with different timelines. Breaking down the final target into many small targets helps in keeping the motivation level high and also in rapid succession. So, you should set small targets to achieve your big new year resolutions. If you want to lose weight, then set targets of losing a minimum weight every week and if you want to quit smoking, then start by decreasing your daily consumption. 

Let Someone Dear Know About Your Resolution

It is just like an alarm! Whatever resolution you make, let someone dear know about it and ask him/her to keep a check on you. You can tell it to your brother/sister or your best friend. If the person you want to be your invigilator to achieve your resolution resides far away from you, then you can inform him/her by sending a letter informing about it with a gift item. You can choose to send flowers with online flower delivery as a gift as flowers cheer up the mood and bring a wide smile with their beauty. 

There is no space science! All you need is self-motivation.