5 Alternative Weight Loss Therapies If You Can’t Diet!

5 Alternative Weight Loss Therapies If You Can’t Diet!
  • Alternative weight loss therapies are different methods of losing weight apart from dieting and exercise. These therapies help individuals who find it difficult to stick to a diet and exercise plan.
  • The proven weight loss techniques such as acupressure and acupuncture improve the internal function of the body. Hypnotherapy as a weight loss therapy works differently and helps individuals to make healthy lifestyle and dietary choices.
  • Home remedies and natural weight-loss supplements contain ingredients that suppress hunger and boost metabolism. They can help you with your weight loss journey but should be paired with a healthy lifestyle for the best results.

Introduction – What Are Alternative Weight Loss Therapies? 

Alternative weight loss therapies are methods of losing weight other than diets and exercise. If you are unable to lose weight no matter what diet you try or lead a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise, alternative weight loss strategies can help you. Most of these therapies help reduce stress and boost the body’s metabolism. This allows you to burn calories faster, leading to visible weight loss. However, it is also important to select the right weight loss technique as per your lifestyle and body type. With the right alternative weight loss method, you can get rid of stubborn weight in a few months.

Weight Loss Using Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing technique that restores a balanced energy flow through the body. Acupuncture-based weight loss therapy works on the principle that healthy energy flow prevents the accumulation of weight. In this technique, metal needles are inserted at different locations on the skin. According to acupuncture therapists, these needles stimulate the tissues and remove any energy blockages in the system. This, in turn, can reverse weight gain caused due to suboptimal energy flow.

Does Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight? Acupuncture is an established technique for treating chronic pain and ailments. However,recent studies have found that it can also be an effective weight loss treatment. Acupuncture regulates the neuroendocrine axis, which encourages weight loss in obese individuals. Hence, it can be a viable alternative to exercise and dieting.

Weight Loss Using Acupressure 

What is Acupressure? In principle, acupressure is similar to acupuncture as it aims to ensure harmonious energy flow in the body. However, unlike acupuncture, in acupressure, the tissues are stimulated using finger pressure. If you are afraid of needles or have a low pain threshold, you can try acupressure as a weight loss therapy instead of acupuncture.

Does Acupressure Help You Lose Weight? Since acupuncture and acupressure work on the same principles, they can both make you lose weight by fixing your endocrinal function. Acupressure also helps relieve stress and pain, for which our coping mechanism is often unhealthy eating. Hence, it can help you stick to a healthy diet too, which makes it an effective weight loss treatment.

Hypnosis Therapy for Weight Loss

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis takes your mind to a relaxed state of heightened consciousness. In this state, the hypnotherapist offers post-hypnotic suggestions regarding healthy lifestyle choices. These suggestions can leave a lasting impact on your brain that can enable you to stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Does Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

The habit-forming center of the brain is the most pliable during the state of hypnosis. Hence, post-hypnotic suggestions to get rid of unhealthy eating habits allow you to eliminate these habits. Hypnosis as a weight loss treatment works best in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy that allows you to track your habits and lead a mindful lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Weight Loss 

What Are the Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss? Most home remedies for weight loss recommend the consumption of foods that boost metabolism and aid digestion. The top home remedy for weight loss is to consume four cups of green tea daily. Another popular at-home weight loss treatment is to drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in the morning. Consumption of pepper powder, unsweetened cranberry juice, and garlic is also recommended for weight loss. 

Are Home Remedies for Weight Loss Effective? Home remedies for weight loss rely on ingredients that boost metabolism. These ingredients can aid digestion, prevent bloating, and help you burn calories faster.Studies also back the efficacy of ingredients such as green tea and have found that their consumption leads to visible weight loss. These home remedies will be the most effective when combined with a healthy diet plan and active lifestyle.

Natural Supplements for Weight Loss 

What are Natural Supplements for Weight Loss? Natural weight-loss supplements are oral supplements that contain dietary ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, or herbs. These supplements claim to encourage weight loss by suppressing hunger or boosting metabolism. 

Are Natural Supplements for Weight Loss Effective? There is limited scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of natural weight-loss supplements.Studies have found a few natural supplements, such as conjugated linoleic acid, to be effective at weight loss. However, efficacy data is not available for a lot of supplements.

Nutrimost is a popular weight loss program that combines weight loss supplements with a curated diet plan to reduce weight. Since this program uses a two-fold weight loss strategy of supplements and dieting, it has been beneficial for many customers. Positive Nutrimost reviews by customers state that the program helped them reduce weight. However, some customers found the program a bit expensive.

Skald Oxydynamic is a supplement for weight loss that has caffeine as its primary ingredient. Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher reviews state that this supplement makes the users feel energetic. Customers claim that the supplement made them sweat more and helped them burn fat faster. However, a few customers faced the side-effects of caffeine overconsumption, such as heartburn. 


While diet and exercise are the most straightforward ways to lose weight, alternative weight loss therapies can help individuals struggling with stubborn fat. They are particularly beneficial for those who find it hard to stick to a diet or exercise plan. They offer a nudge to your metabolism, which helps in kickstarting your weight loss journey. However, they will still be the most effective when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.





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