Heart Diseases Should Be Treated With Care

Heart Diseases Should Be Treated With Care

It is true that cardio vascular diseases are very common in an older age but it is also increasing in alarming rate among people of young generation.  One has to know their family medical history well because; they do have some impacts on someone’s health. It is better to know your risks than being ignorant. If there is a history of cardiac arrests and strokes in family then it is always a safe idea to go and have a check up.

These days, people are suffering from heart problems even at a younger age. They can also need heart valve replacement if the thing becomes serious. If a doctor recommends that, then one needs to check the price of heart valve replacement before going ahead.

Now the question is, what exactly is done in this heart valve replacement? Valve repair is mainly done when the valves may become leaked or floppy but they are not seriously damaged. But a valve replacement is needed when it is highly damaged and it cannot function properly anymore. It needs a new valve then. In case of replacements it is either an artificial valve or a tissue valve. Sometimes the surgeon also has to use a transcatheter aortic valve implantation if the adult is not healthily fit enough to have a proper and traditional heart surgery. In most of the heart operation cases, the surgeon first reach the heart by making an incision down the middle of the breast bone and then use a lung machine to circulate the blood around the body during the time of operation. Then they open up the heart and reach the affected valve and do the needful, which is either to repair or to replace the valve.

One has to maintain a proper blood pressure level. If one has high blood pressure tendency, then they can suffer from many diseases. High blood pressure tears the inner linings of blood vessels making them weak. So, one has to check their blood pressure level at a regular interval. If it is high or low, they should immediately consult a physician.

Sudden cardiac arrests mainly happen without any kind of warning or symptoms. However, there are few signs which one has to look for if they are suspecting sudden cardiac arrest is a person around them. There can be a sudden loss of consciousness and they can collapse. They will not even respond when there is a vigorous tap on shoulders. If you find that your fellow person is suddenly gasping for breath and they are facing a sudden increase in their heart beats then one has to check out. There can also be a loss of pulse or blood pressure as the level of blood supply to the brain and other parts of the body can get hampered due to this.

Price of heart valve replacement in India varies depending on the critical condition of the patient. But it is a good idea to go for an experienced surgeon as they can perform the surgery with care.

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