Why Undertaking First Aid Training is a Legal Requirement

The workplace is considered a hectic environment in which people across the United Kingdom utilise their services, skills and qualifications to fulfil their job role and receive an income. From working in a retail store to managing stock distribution in a warehouse facility, work environments are established and designed to allow companies to operate effectively in their chosen field. They should also be fully furnished and equipped to allow employees to be efficient and productive in their respective roles, either working individually or as part of a collective work force, to take a company forward.

Although employees across all working industries wish to carry out their line of work without any concerns or fears for their safety, the workplace can provide a substantial number of potential hazards which may put staff members, business clients and customers at risk. Slips, trips and falls are common accidents caused in the workplace through employee and company negligence to fulfil their duty to maintain a safe work environment for the benefit of themselves and others.

While certain hazards and risks can be competently handled or removed via effective risk assessments and safety training, there are other problems that may be unpreventable and undetectable. Being unable to competently deal with an injury or body malfunction, such as choking or a heart attack, can mean a company and its employees are neither trained nor qualified to provide care and treatment that may be effective in saving lives. It is for this main reason that including first aid training within health and safety policies established by a company is both advisable and a legal requirement.

First aid courses are structured to provide students with the best qualified education and skills to perform first aid in the workplace. In addition to gaining an invaluable qualification, employees also gain the cognitive thought process and confidence to be aware of any situation which may occur and provide the most applicable form of treatment or action.