The Importance of Regular Grooming Your Dog

All mammals like to groom themselves. It’s important, particularly when an animal has got fur or hair, to groom, as otherwise they can be infested with all sorts of nasty bugs. Domesticated animals, such as dogs, have lost some of their independence, and so are reliant on people for many of their care needs, and this includes grooming.

Grooming your dog regularly is very important for the following reasons:

Checking for Health Issues

When you groom your pet, or take your pet to the local groomers, this is the perfect chance to check for various health complaints. For example, your dog may show the telltale signs of fleas, or they might have swelling around their joints which is a sign of arthritis. If you suspect your dog has a health problem then you should consult your vet.

Preventing Health Issues

As well as helping to indentify health problems, checking your dog’s coat prevents a range of health problems too. When dog’s coats remain dirty for long periods this can be uncomfortable, lead to rash or irritation or event attract fleas and ticks.

Looking Good

The health of your dog is obviously the most important thing, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting your dog to look pretty to, they’d probably share your desire. Grooming helps to keep your dog’s coat healthy looking, shiny and luxuriant.

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