How to Choose Your Travel Clinic

A travel clinic dispenses vaccines that are needed for protection against various exotic diseases, in all sorts of exotic locations. If you’re a UK native then it is unlikely you’ll have a natural immunity to a serious disease like yellow fever. However, through vaccination, your body’s immunity can adapt, and in a matter of weeks you can achieve immunity, i.e. protection from infection.

Many vaccinations are available on the NHS but many others aren’t, and you’ll need to be referred to a private clinic. In the first instance, you can visit your GP for advice.

However, because of changes in contract GPs do not offer a comprehensive travel vaccination service. They will, of course, be able to offer you lots of great advice, and should be able to point you in the direction of a high quality private clinic who will be able to help you further. It’s important that you see your GP at least 8 weeks before you are due to travel abroad.

Travel clinics, as private entities, will be able to offer you convenient appointments, and many of them offer same day appointments, which means there is no need to book in advice. Treatment and advice you receive privately is delivered by highly qualified medical professionals, just as you’d get on the NHS.

One key difference is the range of services that private clinics can offer, including a wider range of vaccinations against exotic diseases.