Know About Dr. Mohamed Rela

Know About Dr. Mohamed Rela

Doctor is one such expert profession that requires lot of knowledge and experience. It is not something that one can achieve in a day or so. Rather, one needs to make sure that with good education and under the guidance of able tutors, the doctorate is achieved in a better way. Certainly, there are so any people who have earned a reputation of being a good doctor. Talking of which Mohamed Rela is one such great personality to who people actually consult from different corner of the world. Known for his expertise in the surgery of hepatopancreatobiliary and liver transplantation, this great personality has covered a challenging journey to achieve the success.

Know more about the work profile of Mohamed Rela

Currently, the Chairman and Director of the Institute of Liver diseases and Transplantation, Mohamed Rela is a perfect example of expert who takes this profession seriously. He has not just earned a name in the doctorate and medical industry but has also made his own space in the Guinness Book of Records to successfully performing the transplantation of a 5day old baby. He is also working as a professor in King’s College Hospital, London on Liver Surgery and Transplantation and his achievements are certainly worth praising. Dr. Mohamed has worked in many hospitals in the United Kingdom, before he joined the London’s King’s College Hospital

Area of Interest:

Although he has made himself an expert in the liver transplantation but his interest has always been in treating the infants and babies. He mostly does the Paediatric Liver Transplantation but he also hold a good on hand experience in the split liver transplantation technique which is not something that everyone can learn. With more than 60 paediatric liver transplantations which he has successfully done and performed over 250 paediatric liver transplantations till date, his achievements and career growth is certainly worth praising.

This hepatobiliary surgeon has also been performing the liver resections and pancreatic cancer surgery. Not only this, his research interest in the field of clinical liver translation has put the rays on many facts and myths. Besides, that he has covered more than 500 publications on the journals which are quite worth praising.

His Achievements:

Dr. Mohamed Rela has not just earned the name rather he has struggled to achieve it. But his journey did not just stop when he pursued his education. Rather, now he is considered as the ‘Master Class in Liver Disease’ (MCLD) series. This in other terms means the person who can deliver the high quality solution along with proper technique of teaching the same in the field of liver transplantation and diseases.

Dr. Rela is an MBBS who has done his education from Kalakshetra School, Chennai and later earned the MS degree from the Stanley Medical College, Chennai. With a round 500 medical publications, he is the only surgeon who has performed successful liver transplantations and given life to many people. His achievements are worth praising and certainly it is an honour to have a surgeon expert like him.

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