Dog Ownership and Metal Health

Much research has been conducted regarding dog ownership and its effect on mental health. Speaking generally, the companionship that loyal pets like dogs can offer really makes a difference to people’s lives. More specifically, soldiers returning from theatres of war often suffer PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and some psychologists reckon dog ownership could be a helpful aid to recovery.

Obviously, owning a dog, or more accurately sharing its life, is a complicated experience, with lots of highs and lows. Some days your dog might bring you great joy, whereas sometimes your canine might be a source of sorrow. Dogs have the ability to pass on how they’re feeling, if they are sad then this can make you sad too.

Grief for pets that have passed is a very real thing. Some dog owners require counselling, and  the death of a beloved pet can lead to mental anguish. With all this in mind, then, are dogs really good for mental wellbeing?

Owning a dog gives you perspective. They show you that there’s more to life than your personal problems, and, like having a child, they can give you purpose. Dogs require a lot of care and attention, and so caring for a dog will take your mind of life’s little issues.

On a more practical level, looking after a dog requires an active lifestyle, and exercise is well known to help mental health. For more advice about dogs, and Hills Pets dog food, look for Hills Pets online.