Why Meat Content is Important in Dog Food

It’s no secret that dogs like to eat meat. It’s not just a case of what they like to eat, and protein is crucial for their physiology. Meat is an important source of complete protein, which means that it contains all the amino acids that are required for healthy growth and development.

If you own a dog, then understanding the meat that’s contained within dog food can be a challenge. Quality meat is an expensive ingredient, and many manufacturers do all they can to incorporate meat into pet food for minimal cost. This means, basically, that they use low quality meat, such as animal by-products or generic animal protein.

The problem is that whilst there are many guidelines that govern what can go into human food, there are many less regulations regarding animal food, of course they can’t complain when they don’t like something. So manufacturers are able to put very questionable meat ingredients into pet food, which could even include road kill or dead zoo animals.

Whilst this is not necessarily unsafe, it may lack nutrition. To avoid products which have low meat or poor meat content you should choose high quality pet foods, such as Hills Pets food. Hills Pets aren’t secret about what goes into their pet food, and they view high quality meat ingredients as a key part of pet food, your dog will probably agree.