Walking in Winter is Good for Dogs

Dogs are fundamentally very active animals and so they can benefit greatly from walking. You can walk your dog all through the year, however, obviously, there may be some problems when it’s winter. That’s not to say you can’t walk your dog in winter, just consider the following:

Some people really hate dressing up their pets, and this is understandable. However, some clothing designed for dogs is supposed to keep them warm in the winter. You can also get “booties,” which, although they sound cute, are actually a good way to protect a dog’s feet from the cold.

Snow can be very uncomfortable if it gets in the wrong place. If it’s snowing, check that there is no snow between their feet. Also, when you’ve finished your trek make sure you clean the snow off your dog’s back.

By far the biggest danger in the winter is ice. If you’re walking near to frozen bodies of water, ensure that you keep your dog safely on a leash. If you fail to do this a dog could easily run out onto the ice and may even fall through. If this happens, you shouldn’t jump in after them.

Some dogs will love walking in the winter, whilst some others might find it an uncomfortable even painful experience. It’s important to know your pet, and if they really hate the snow don’t expose them to it. Look online for Hills Pets for Hills Pets food and advice.