Is It a Good Idea to Let Your Dog Off Its Leash?

Dogs like to run free, it’s just part of their lifestyle. However, if you own a dog it’s not always possible, or sensible, to let your pet off its leash. Doing so could annoy or even endanger other people and pets. So, when is it a good idea to let your dog off its leash?

Firstly, if you are walking your dog in a park then you should look for signage that says whether it’s ok to let your dog off its leash or not. If you can’t see any signage, then you might be prohibited to do so.

Some parks are very friendly to dogs, and so don’t mind if you let your dog off its leash. Normally, there’ll be other dogs running around without a leash, and so you can usually tell if a park is dog friendly or not.

When you let your dog off its leash you should not let it out of your sight. Your dog might be a fast runner but you should never let your dog escape your view, as they might get lost or even endanger themselves or others.

Just because your dog is off its leash you still need to adhere to dog walking etiquette. So, for example, when your dog fouls you need to make sure you clean it up. If you need any more advice, about any aspect of your pet, look for Hills Pets online, who also sell pet food.