Points For The Safe Delivery Of Overseas Parcels On Time

Points For The Safe Delivery Of Overseas Parcels On Time

The whole world has turned into a global village. We do not need to cross the borders for delivering something to our near and dear ones residing in distant places. Any worthwhile thing can be sent to far off places by packing the same and sending through reliable courier companies. These noble entities make feasible arrangements for delivering parcels international.

Those on the move to send anything to his / her near or dear one residing abroad must focus upon the following –

  • Perfect packing – Any parcel can be sent in intact and safe manners by ensuring its packing in nice manners. Unpacked items could get scattered and damaged during their transit. This long process involves different stages, i.e. sorting out with machines, loading into vans that carry hundreds of other items too including big and small. Thus perfect packing of the goods meant for delivering parcels international is a must otherwise it could be risky. Services of perfect packers could be availed for this. Secured packaging materials should only be chosen for packing. Durable card boxes may be purchased as they are less prone to tearing, collapse or get opened due to pressure.
  • Proper labelling – Now that you have packed the items in a good parcel or got it done through a reputed packer, be wise to attach the shipping labels in tight manners. Perfect labelling is a must otherwise it may lead to delay, loss or delivery at the wrong address. Take a poly-pocket and place the labels in them and fix them well on the parcel with a tape.
  • Correct address – Do not book the parcel in a hurried manner. Keep your cool and put a perfect address on the parcel. Incorrect delivery address means wrong or delayed delivery. The courier people won’t be able to make the parcel reach the desired destination in the absence of proper address of the recipient. Ask for the address form from the courier that would supply the same depending on each country that makes the same as per their own rules.
  • Avoid sending prohibited items – Shipping companies may not accept the parcel that contains certain items that are prohibited under the law of the land of the country to which the parcel is being booked. Sending anything across the border requires you to declare that the parcel conforms to the rules and regulations of that particular country. So avoid sending anything that is not permitted. Why not check the list of such items with the courier people.
  • Ask for compensation cover – Anything can go wrong with the parcel that you book for overseas relatives or friends. So be wise to demand and fill up the compensation form from the courier company that is responsible to make the loss good in case it happens so. Further, do check whether the items being booked by you are included in the compensation list or not.

It is suggested to book for delivering parcels international through reputed couriers only for peace of mind for the sender and the receiver too.

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