5 Things You Should Clean In Your Office Everyday

5 Things You Should Clean In Your Office Everyday

To keep your office safe, you have to develop a plan to ensure it is always clean. There are a number of cleaning tasks that you should carry out daily to enhance a smooth operation in your workplace. 

Daily cleaning can also help improve the life of your workplace equipment such office flooring and furnishings. This will reduce the need for repairs and replacement. 

Here are some of the things you should clean every day in your workplace.

Office Furniture 

Furniture attracts germs, stains, bacteria, and odour. You need to clean them daily. Cleaning your furniture is among the first things you should do when you step into your office in the morning. 

If you spilled something on your furniture, clean it immediately so that it doesn’t turn into a stubborn stain. Also, make sure that you don’t damage your furniture when cleaning by testing the cleaning product on small areas before application.

Trash Bins 

Make sure you throw out the garbage at the end of the day. Also, remember to clean your garbage bin once a week to prevent smell. Ensure you discard every trash in the break room, employs desk, and bathroom. 

You can also ask employees to be responsible for the garbage at their desks if you don’t have an office cleaning service to help you out. For break room and bathrooms, you can create a schedule for your employees to clean and take all the trash on different days.

Office Surfaces

Dusting prevents dirt buildup or stains on your desk or electronics. Clean the dust out of your vents, keyboards, and fans. Start on the high surfaces like cabinets as you work your way down. Remove all the objects out of your way as you dust them underneath. 

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the spots and stains from your walls and desk. Remove dust from your furniture and the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner.

Clean Office Carpets, Tiles, and Grout

Vacuuming your carpet cannot prevent dust and germs from accumulating. Use a steamer to get rid of the dust and germs. 

Cleaning your carpet and tile makes it look presentable in your workplace. Tile and grout need daily cleaning because they get dirt or discolor when you perform daily tasks, move furniture, eat, or clean. 

Cleaning carpets, tile, and grout boost employees’ morale. A clean office creates a first impression to clients, customers, new employees, and guests.

Common Areas

Create a plan on how to clean your workspace. You give priority to places like restrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, and waiting rooms. 

Your waiting room should be presentable since that’s the place where your clients and guests will be waiting. Don’t let food buildup in the break room since crumbs and grime can attract pests. 

Clean and disinfect restrooms daily, especially if you are operating in a high traffic workplace. Lastly, take care of the conference rooms by cleaning the whiteboards immediately you are done using them.