Exclusive: Marcus Rosebrock, A White Neighbour Who “Hosde Down” Black partygoers In New York City, Claims He Is Receiving Death Threats And Worries About His Children After Being Accused Of Racism In The US

A father who “spooked” his mostly black neighbor’s party during a noise complaint and was subsequently accused of racism has disclosed that he has received numerous death threats.

marcus rosebrock put more security cameras at his house because he fears for his children’s safety and claims that the details of a lawsuit filed against him have “already destroyed” his family.

At approximately 10 p.m. on Saturday, September 17, 2022, Rosebrock, 48, is accused of dousing renowned New York physician Yves Duroseau and his friends during a party at the physician’s Forest Hills house.

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The manoeuvre was compared to “a scene reminiscent of 1960s Birmingham, Alabama,” when white police used fire hoses to disperse civil rights marches, in a complaint filed against stay-at-home father Rosebrock and another unnamed woman.

The German, who rejects racism, claimed over the phone that she gets death threats. It’s not like that; there are a lot of black families in the region, but we had to let his children know what was going on since they (his children) are already afraid.

Following a lawsuit accusing him of “racism” for locking down his black neighbours in an attempt to divide their party, stay-at-home father marcus rosebrock has received threats.

Among those suing Rosebrock for body-soaking him during a birthday celebration for throwing in front of his sister is eminent New York physician Yves Duroseau (above).

During Dr. Yves Duroseau’s surprise birthday dinner, black guests were doused with water from a hose and fled for safety.

As a volunteer and class parent, we also had to notify the school, but we felt compelled to do so due to circulating rumours. There’s a lot more to learn about what transpired, but my lawyer has instructed me not to discuss it further.

One of the threats that saw was filled with profanity and included disparaging remarks regarding Rosebrock’s nationality.

Amid the uproar, he now worries that he might lose the house he shares with his wife and kids, and he has since been spotted adding more security cameras.

“This has already destroyed us,” he murmured. I have everything that they want to steal. I could lose this house and my kids could wind up on the streets. They believe us to be wealthy, but we’re not. It has been ten years since I last had a job. I looked after the kids when I was at home.

Duroseau is a well-known doctor in New York City who was the first to get the Covid vaccine. He also serves as chairman of the emergency department at Lenox Hill Hospital. To honour the birthday of his sister Rosevony, he had planned the celebration.

The night of the fight, Rigo Morales, a record executive who has collaborated with 50 Cent and Eminem, was among the well-known visitors to his house. Celebrity chef Vanessa Cantave, the 2011 winner of Bravo’s reality cooking series Rocco’s Dinner Party, treated the guests to a nine-course dinner.

The celebrations, according to Rosebrock, started at 4 p.m. and went on until around 10 p.m., “getting louder and louder.”

In addition, he stated that several neighbours had voiced their displeasure with the volume of noise and that two 911 and five 311 calls had been made in relation to the incident.

A image of a snake at Rosebrock’s house was taken on Thursday, one year after the reported fight.

The evening of the celebration was seen on camera, with the famous attendees ducking under a cascade of water that spills over the garden fence.

Nineteen party guests sued Rosebrock over a year after the argument, claiming that he “viciously and repeatedly” poured water on them “in an attempt to get them to shut up and disperse.”

They also assert that, in another action evoking “the Jim Crow South,” an anonymous woman, referred to in the lawsuit as Jane Doe, threatened them with a “menacing” German Shepherd.

Rosebrock is accused in the case of “mistakenly representing plaintiffs, injuring plaintiffs, and transgressing their civil rights.”

“We have witnessed a very specific, very heinous type of attack that harkens back to a dark period in this country’s history,” plaintiff Katya Dossous, 47, said in a statement provided to the New York Post on Tuesday through her attorneys.

“I think there was a planned, purposeful, and methodical attack that aimed to make us feel like less than animals.”

According to the lawsuit that 19 partygoers filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Dossous “attempted to speak calmly to (Rosebrock) in an attempt to get (him) to stop.”

In a statement released on Tuesday, Rosebrock’s lawyer, Brandon Gillard, claimed that his client “refutes any characterization that he is racist or that his actions are racially motivated.”

The people at Duroseau were “aggressive and violent,” he continued, towards his client.

Derek Sells, the plaintiff’s lawyer, disputed this, accusing Rosebrock of victim blaming and trying to “rewrite history.”

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