What Is True About Those Rumours Regarding “Practical Magic2”

What Is True About Those Rumours Regarding “Practical Magic2”

It’s likely that you’ve seen the circulating image and description for “practical magic 2″. And even if it might just be an unverified rumour, is it possible that it’s true? Given that the original post emerged on RuPaul’s Drag Race Family, a fan-run Facebook page known for sharing this kind of stuff, it’s possible that the “news” is a trick to assess interest or simply an attempt to garner shares on a specific page.

But for the moment, let’s have optimism. How might a follow-up to “Practical Magic” take place? What would we desire? What are our current knowledge bases?

The Speculative Version

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are reportedly on board. Rumour has it that Stockard Channing, Dianne Wiest, Karen Gillan, and Evan Rachel Wood are also working on the sequel.

Twenty-five years have passed since Gryphon Dunne’s 1998 debut feature film. A long-standing family curse bursts unleashed when Sally’s granddaughter turns sixteen. Bullock and Gillian are currently confronted with the forgotten curse that is returning to haunt them. The six Owen ladies must travel across the nation in search of the origins of a long-forgotten Owens family coven if they are to have any chance of preserving their family’s destiny.

Is that accurate?

Probably not just now. That being said, it still might be. This has a very decent possibility of happening based on the way things get shopped around when people unite around it. Both the newly added cast members and the rumoured returning cast members could be replaced. It wouldn’t be ideal to release the movie in 2025 since that would place the film’s debut date precisely 28 years after the original.

Our Best Estimate

In the unlikely event that “practical magic 2” is developed, the release window would probably be placed 30 years out, from 1998 to 2028. The original film, based on Alice Hoffman’s “The Book of Magic,” is probably where the plot gets its inspiration. The description that is circulating about and the summary are fairly similar.

For more than three centuries, the Owens family has been doomed in romantic affairs, but that is about to change. The tale opens in a library, which is the ideal setting for a story to be imagined. It is there that loving aunt Jet Owens learns she has just seven days to live after hearing about the deathwatch insect. There are others in risk besides Jet; the curse is already at work.

Travelling from Paris to London to the English countryside where their ancestor Maria Owens originally practiced the Unnamed Art, three generations of the Owens ladies and one long-lost brother are inspired to use their uncommon skills to break the curse in a desperate bid to save the life of a young man. The younger generation learns mysteries about magic and love that their fiercely protective mother Sally has kept concealed from them. While Kylie Owens discovers the truth about her identity and her own dark abilities, her aunt Franny learns that she is prepared to give up all for her family, and Sally Owens comes to terms with the fact that she is prepared to give up everything for love.

A PRELUDE to “Practical Magic” WAS UNDERWAY

HBO Max confirmed a “Practical Magic” prequel series in 2019. The Owens family siblings would be the main subject of this 1960s New York setting adaption of Hoffman’s book “The Rules of Magic.” The pilot would feature a one-hour introduction to the siblings Vincent, Franny, and Jet Owen, who were kept apart due to their anomalies. They discover they come from a line of witches.

This declaration, of course, came just before the film and television industries were rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention HBO Max’s problems caused by David Zaslav. However, given the upcoming release of new “The Lord of the Rings” films, a return to a beloved and enduring property isn’t totally out of the question.

Perhaps if we make it happen, it will. In magic, after all, intention is important.

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