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3 Reasons to Choose Sushi Delivery in London

Although originating in Japan, and still retaining the traditional Japanese ingredients and flavour, there is something quite western and modern about sushi. In fact, the very popular California Roll was invented in the US, and so there are western as well as Japanese influences in modern sushi.

It’s common to find sushi restaurants in the major cities around the world. It’s also becoming more and more common to find sushi delivery too. Here are 3 reasons why sushi deliver represents a great alternative to many other kinds of takeaway:


Some takeaways contain unhealthy additives like MSG. Sushi is made of very natural, fresh ingredients, like rice and fish. So, sushi delivery in London is very much a healthy alternative.


Sushi can be made very quickly. This is why it’s so great to make at home, and anyone can do it with the right amount of practise. This is also why sushi bars and delivery are very popular too, it’s real fast food that isn’t unhealthy.


It’s all very well being healthy and quick, but what about the taste? You’re in luck, and sushi is so popular mainly because it’s just so tasty. It’s made from fresh ingredients that marry and come together in beautiful bite-size pieces.

So, if you live in London and like healthy, delicious, world class food, why not try sushi?

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