Car Accessories for Your HTC Phone

If you’ve bought an HTC phone, you’ll no doubt be delighted with all of its features. With some simple mobile phone accessories for your car, you can extend its functionality and get even more out of your smartphone.

We all know it’s illegal to use your mobile phone while driving – yes, even when stopped at traffic lights! – but not only is it illegal, it’s downright dangerous. More and more cars are starting to offer inbuilt Bluetooth technology, but if your car’s a little more old school, then make sure you invest in a Bluetooth stereo headset. Simply activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone, attach your headset, and you’ll be able to take calls hands-free (and legally!) while driving. If you’re bothered about texts, you can also download apps for some phones which will read your texts aloud to you as they arrive.

One great feature of most HTC phones is the GPS and maps facility. That’s right, your phone can double up as a satnav! Buy the right phone docking station for your model, and use your smartphone just like a satnav.

If you’re going to use your HTC phone in your car, one thing you’re sure to need is a suitable car charger. Using your phone as a satnav or to stream music through your car stereo uses quite a lot of battery, so ensure you’re always fully charged when you arrive at your destination. The last thing you want is to take advantage of all these extra features and then be unable to use your phone as a… phone!