Optimising Use of Space in a Stockroom

Stockrooms are the beating heart of retail stores, and at certain times of year they can come under immense pressure. Obviously, this varies depending on your store, but frequently the stockroom is a relatively small space that has to bear large amounts of stock and receive a regular number of deliveries.

Space is the most important attribute of a retail stockroom, and use of space should be optimised. It all comes down to health and safety, and where workers aren’t allowed to manoeuvre efficiently around the stockroom health and safety becomes compromised.

The simplest step you can take to optimise use of space in a stockroom is to keep it clean and tidy. Your stockroom should come equipped with adequate shelving space. It’s important you use this shelving space to keep products organised and accessible, and not allow products to intrude on floor-space.

As well as storing products prior to going out on sale, a stockroom will also need to receive deliveries. There are several products that you can use to facilitate the receipt of a delivery into a stockroom, such as pallet trucks.

Powered pallet trucks can easily transport large pallet deliveries. Without a pallet truck, employees would need to carry pallets themselves, using manual trucks, and this can have further implications in terms of health and safety.

To conclude, an efficient stockroom is one that is clean and organised, healthy and safe and equipped with trucks and other products to facilitate efficient storage and receipt of deliveries.