Protein as a Dietary Supplement

Protein is most normally associated with bulking up, protein supplements are considered to be bodybuilding supplements, in other words. But is the potential of protein this limited? Forgetting about muscle growth and body development for a second, and products like protein shakes can work as great dietary supplements, providing nutrients where they might otherwise be lacking.

Why might your diet lack protein? The most obvious reason is if you’re a vegetarian. There are plenty of non-meat sources of protein, such as beans, eggs and even dairy products. Whey protein actually derives from cow’s milk, and is an extremely nutritious complete protein.

Usually, someone would get complete protein, i.e. protein that has all of the essential amino acids, from meat or fish. Obviously this isn’t an option when it comes to vegetarians, and so protein products like whey protein can be very valuable dietary supplements.

Protein is important for all sorts of reasons, including muscle growth and development. Whey protein is obviously used by bodybuilders, and can have several positive implications for a training regimen, for example it helps with muscle recovery and repair and can improve blood flow during training.

If you have specific dietary needs, e.g. you’re a vegetarian, and you want to grow muscle, perhaps for bodybuilding purposes, whey protein is a very effective, natural way to do this. As we’ve stated, it is a natural by-product of cow’s milk processing, and so you don’t need to worry about any nefarious chemicals entering your bloodstream.