What are the Benefits of Oak Kitchen Worktops?

The most important criteria for a worktop is that it must be durable and able to resist constant usage, scratches etc. Oak is an extremely durable hardwood, and so it’s the ideal material in high usage areas, e.g. in kitchens.

Oak is not the strongest material out there, but it’s so appealing because it balances an inherent durability with an unbeatable aesthetic. The rich and unique grains in oak create an un-matched visual effect, which really lends itself to natural, well-designed interiors.

As we mentioned in the intro, oak works in traditionally designed or more contemporary homes. Single stave worktops, where oak is interspersed with lengths of timbers, can look perfect in modern kitchens. Unfinished, richly grained worktops can work extremely well in kitchens with a rustic look.

Another big advantage with a wooden worktop is that it can be relatively easily cut and installed, even by amateur DIY-ers. A worktop can completely change the atmosphere in a kitchen space, and so is one of the simplest but most effective ways to finish off a room.

Thanks to the internet, there’s now a wide choice of high quality oak worktops online.