Factors to Consider when Renovating Period Properties

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to renovate a period buidling. You might simply want to live in the property or you might want to refurbish it for an investment. Whether it’s a personal or capital investment, renovating period structures is usually more challenging than renovating contemporary properties.

Perhaps the biggest issue is whether the property is listed or not. Some period properties are listed, which means that they are legally protected, to various extents, from alternation or renovation. If your property has been listed then you might be severely limited in terms of the renovations you are allowed to make. You can get something called Listed Building consent, which will allow you to make alterations to a listed property.

Period properties have character, and much of this character is determined by period features, such as windows and even gutters. Features such as cast iron gutters may cost more than plastic alternatives; however, they are important if you are to retain the building’s period character.

Period properties, generally speaking, can be much more vulnerable to problems with damp and other issues like woodworm. Before making renovations, it’s important to seek the help of professionals and to get your home assessed; otherwise, you may encounter problems in future which will be expensive to deal with.

Finally, consider that electricity and gas in an older property may not be up to modern standards, ensure you undertake surveys that address this.