What are the Aims of Rainwater Guttering?

Look at any home’s facade and you’ll  most likely notice rainwater guttering. But why is guttering such a common feature on modern homes? As we’ll see, although gutters can be taken for granted by home-owners even though they perform an extremely important function. Without gutters, homes would be exposed to a range of problems.

The reason why gutters are so essential is because they lead water away from  a roof and down the drain. They are usually troughs which lead into a downpipe, down which water is siphoned. Without guttering leading into a downpipe water would simply pour off the roof, and most likely accumulate in pools, which could easily harm a home’s foundation.

Water ingress can cause all sorts of problems, such asundermining the structure of a home, as well as leading to problems like rising damp and leakages which can damage the interior of properties. Rainwater guttering might be relatively simple in its construction by this belies its effectiveness.

Occasionally guttering can develop problems, especially if it is less durable PVC guttering (as opposed to more durable cast iron guttering.) Also, plastic guttering may not be appropriate for older or period properties, and may look anachronistic and inappropriate. Cast iron gutters are not only durable and long lasting, but they are much more in keeping with a period aesthetic.