How to Remove Scratches from Hardwood Flooring

Latest advice has been issued to householders and business owners about how to remove scratches from hardwood flooring.

While a scratch can look as it though it has ruined the appearance of your beautiful solid wood flooring, the reality is that there’s a lot you can do to remove a lot of these marks yourself, but each kind of scratch requires a different approach.

• Superficial scratches are probably the easiest to clean, because only the top protective layer needs to be repaired. Clear the area of dirt and grime using a soft cloth, and then rinse with another, damper cloth. Once the area is completely dry, you may want to apply a new layer of protective coating, such as a sealant or other finish, before letting the surface dry overnight.

• Minor scratches (or ones which have penetrated the protective coating)

Firstly clean the surface with a quality wood floor cleaning, removing every last speck of dirt. You can then rub the area with steel wool, sticking to the scratched area only, and doing so carefully. Always rub with the grain of the wood. Then buff the area with steel wool.

You can help the scratched area blend in by feathering the edges of it a little by buffing on to the immediately surrounding areas. But keep this minimal.

Next, use a wax stick and rub it over the affected area to fill in the scratch so that it blends in more seamlessly. Once the wax has set for 10 minutes, buff with a soft, clean cloth.

For deeper scratches, you may have to call in the professionals to restore your gorgeous wood floor to its original glory.

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