3 Facts About the Smoking Ban

There are millions of smokers in the UK, although this number is falling. There are a couple of reasons why more people are quitting smoking, for one there are now alternatives to smoking, such as smoking e cigarettes, and, of course, there’s the smoking ban, which prohibits smoking in public spaces. 

Here are three facts about the UK smoking ban:

Basically smoking is banned in all covered public spaces. This includes the inside of public buildings and businesses such as restaurants and clubs, but also it includes spaces like football grounds and even outdoor locations that have substantial level of cover, so a marquee at a festival for instance. Smoking is also banned in some outdoor locations, such as railway platforms.

The smoking ban bans smoking but not vaping. Vaping is what you do with an electronic cigarette, (you can buy an electronic cigarette online.) Essentially, electronic cigarettes produce a vapour that carries nicotine, which is then inhaled by the owner. You can still smoke cigarettes inside public spaces, essentially anywhere you want.

What about the punishments for smoking in a public space? For the smoker, this could be a fine of up to £50. However, businesses who allow someone to light up tend to be hit harder, and they could face a fine of £2,500. They will also be fined if they fail to display proper signage prohibiting smoking on their premises.