Recycle Mobile Phones– Turn Old Handsets Into Cash

What to do with your old phone when you get a new one? Put it in a draw and forget about it? Give it away? You could be making money from your old phone. Mazuma Mobile recycle mobile phones for cash. You can sell mobile phones for cash in just three easy steps. 

So how do you recycle your mobile? Firstly you simply type in the make of your mobile phone to see how much money you would get to recycle it. If you are happy with the amount, the next step is to register the phone and choose how you want to receive payment. Then you will receive a freepost bag to send the handset off in.

The next step is to send your old phone off in the freepost bag. You can wait for Mazuma to send you a sales pack or if you want you can print your own off online. Once the phone has arrived Mazuma will check that it is the same handset you registered and if the item matches you will receive payment on the very same day. Easy. You can register as many handsets as you want with Mazuma, so if you have a few old handsets lying around see how much money you can make by recycling them.

Recycling old mobile phone handsets is an easy way to make some instant cash and do your bit for the environment by making sure your old phone doesn’t end up in a landfill site.