The economic future of Leeds

There are several reasons to be bullish about the Leeds economy. Firstly, the city has a broad economic base which means that it will be resilient in the face of any tough economic conditions. Secondly, the city centre is attracting plenty of fresh investment. Thirdly, there are determined efforts to make sure the city benefits from the green economy.

A city with varied economic strengths

Those looking for office space to rent in the city should appreciate that Leeds has not put all its eggs in one basket. It has existing strengths in financial services, the creative industries, manufacturing, retail and legal services. This means that those who use office space in Leeds are likely to find similar companies in the area. The diversity also helps economic stability.

Leeds is getting its share of resources

In today’s competitive times, cities must jostle for inward investment from various sources. Leeds has done well to secure around £6 billion for its future. Investments in cultural amenities like the restoration of the Grand Theatre and the construction of the Leeds City Museum have been good for confidence, as well as improving what the city has to offer to tourists and workers. The Leeds Arena is set to open next year and looks likely to be a great concert venue.

Green businesses welcome

At the level of the city-region, Leeds is pushing to be part of the low carbon future. The public and private sector have been cooperating to identify the valuable opportunities out there. Areas of opportunity include transport, construction and waste management.