Why Now Is A Good Time to Print Flyers

The benefits of flyer printing are well-known, including the versatility of the message you can convey to existing and potential customers, as well as the large number of people you can reach. In particular, this form of marketing is ideal for smaller, locally based businesses. 

There are also various methods of delivery, from using a specialist firm to sending in the Royal Mail to hand delivering yourself or roping in friends and family to help.

Traditionally, flyers have also always been a pretty cost-effective form of marketing. But now there’s even more reason to print flyers to promote your business.

By the end of last summer, the trend for prices for recovered paper was still pointing downwards across the UK, and this was expected to continue well into
the autumn.

To explain the background, exports to China were subdued in August, thanks to limited demand from Chinese paper mills, while at the same time prices in the US market were falling. Equally, some British suppliers were coming under pressure from several Chinese customers to lower their prices.

With prices under continued pressure from excess supply, paper costs were expected to remain pretty low for the foreseeable future.

So now there’s even more reason why flyer printing is a cost-effective and versatile way to advertise. Choose a flyer printer online, and remember that using recycled paper for your leaflets will help the environment while also boosting the image of your business as an eco-friendly concern.