Flyer Printing – Deciding on Numbers and Assessing Your Campaign

For many businesses, especially smaller, locally-based ones, no print marketing campaign would be complete without flyer printing. And the results can be quite dramatic.

However, there are two things you need to think about carefully, and without which your campaign could effectively be wasted, so businesses are being increasingly urged to take them into account.

Firstly, don’t underestimate the importance of giving enough thought to getting quantities right.

Especially in these tricky times, you may find there is a trade-off between numbers and things like full colour or thickness of paper. Do you want to take a scattergun approach or target your campaign to a smaller number of recipients who are more likely to respond?

If your product is niche, then fewer, better quality flyers, perhaps to be handed out at an event like a trade show, could be the best way forward.

The second important aspect of your print marketing campaign is one a surprising number of people overlook, and that’s assessing its success. It can be easier to measure results with an online campaign, but there are techniques that work for print, too, such as “discounts with this flyer” coupons.

And you can always try tweaking a campaign, if you do a second one, to see if you get better results, and trial and error could help you maximise results.