The Importance Of Balanced Food And Young Animals

Many pet owners don’t want to take any chances when it comes to rearing a puppy or kitten. Their delicacy is beyond question and they are reliant on their owners for everything. Living up to this task is no small order and it can prompt many to look into care that goes beyond the average options on the market. Food is one of the areas where gains can be made and those offerings from Hill’s Pet Nutrition ™ are specifically developed to aid growing dogs and cats. Their Science Plan ™ range is also tailored for the very young as well as specific breeds. Developing animals have very specific requirements when it comes to a balanced diet. They need a good balance of proteins, fats, vitamins, fibres as well as other minerals such as sodium, calcium and phosphorous and magnesium. Without this, a young cat or dog is prone to be getting too much of one element while lacking in another.

There are a wide variety of different problems associated with getting too much of a particular nutrient. Too much protein can result in kidney disease, for instance, while too much sodium can lead to hypertension and heart conditions. On the other hand too little protein can result in poor growth, while too little fat can result in flaky skin. More serious conditions occur with a lack of sodium, calcium and vitamins including poor water balance, poor growth and rickets respectively. Ensuring that none of these occur can take extra steps with food.