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Tips for Expanding Your Social Circle

There is an assumption that young professionals are somehow more social than they’ve ever been. This is an assumption based on the idea that online networking, usually via social media, is so easy that it has enhanced our social lives ad infinitum.

Sadly, this idea is somewhat illusory and behind the social media people are essentially behaving as they would anyway. They have their close circles of friends with whom they socialise and most people who are “friends” online have minimal impact on each-others social life.

This means that even when you want to expand your social circle by getting closer to your Facebook friends online there are still social conventions in place and this isn’t always possible. Although it is now easier to organise social occasions, inviting friends and acquaintances within just a few clicks.

Whilst social media may not be the best too l to meet new people (i.e. people who you don’t already know) there are other online solutions that are perfect if you want to make new friends. Some of these solutions work like dating sites where you’re essentially searching for like-minded folks, except it’s friendship rather than romance you’re looking for.

Even in the digital age friendships only really take off when they happen in the physical world. If you’re lucky enough to live in a big city and London you should have access to all sorts of events, clubs and social gatherings perfect for making new friends.