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How to Prevent Disasters at Your Wedding

How to Prevent Disasters at Your Wedding

No one wants a disaster at their wedding, but they are more common than you might expect. To ensure that the stresses of a wedding do not win out and you can have a joyous day that is focused on the love that you and your partner share, here are some top tips that you can follow to prevent any unforeseen disasters from occurring.

Find a Great Catering Company

An astonishing amount of people come away from a wedding with food poisoning, and you do not want to be calling an ambulance for someone who has been exposed to an allergen. This means that it is paramount to look around for a great catering company that can adapt its menus to your needs. This catering company should be incredibly experienced in wedding food and should come well-reviewed by other happily married couples. You should look around for this catering company long in advance of your big day and have an in-depth discussion with them beforehand about what you want and any dietary requirements for your party. You might also ask whether you can taste their food before you book them. You can find a wonderful array of wedding catering companies online that might serve your local area. When you are booking services such as catering companies, though, you might want to have a backup plan to hand in case this business lets you down at the last minute or there is a problem that prevents them from carrying out the service you have booked. This will allow your wedding to keep going under the threat of chaos.

Create a Timetable

Often, you might feel as if you are rushed off your feet on your wedding day. To ensure that you have ample time to fit everything in, you should consider creating a schedule for the day. This will help everyone to know where they stand and will check that everyone is on time and where they need to be. This is especially important if you have to travel a long way to get to your wedding venue or if you want to spend some time taking photographs between the wedding and the reception. However, apart from the ceremony itself, you should realize that this timetable does not have to be stuck to rigidly, and you should not panic if everything does not go precisely as planned. You might even choose to go for a non-traditional wedding timetable.

Curate the Guest List

There is nothing worse than a spat at a wedding, especially if there are a few long-term feuds bubbling under the surface on your big day. This means you should be careful when you are curating your guest list and make sure that you only have people there who you like and want at your wedding. Otherwise, you might spend the day avoiding people or feeling bad about yourself and them. You should also be careful when you are coming up with a seating plan, and you should try not to place people next to each other if they do not get on or if they are likely to cause drama that will taint your special occasion and take the attention away from you.

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