Top Three Reasons People Move Abroad

There is a lot of bluster about immigration into the UK, however people are less aware of emigration. As it happens, immigration and emigration tend to balance each other out, and every year more and more people choose to move abroad, often to other EU countries.

It’s easier than ever to move to other EU countries, here are three of the top reasons people do so:

Job Opportunities

It’s harder than ever to get a job and this encourages many people to look outside of their normal remit for jobs in Europe. A large proportion of people looking to move to Europe are doing so for professional reasons. Europe is full of economic powerhouses, with Germany the strongest economy in Europe.


It’s perhaps not the top of everyone’s list but weather and climate must play some role in people’s decision to move to certain European countries. The South of France, Italy or Spain have a very different climate to the UK  and many people, especially those of retirement age, choose to move to these warmer climes.

New Cultures

Lots of people who move country are simply looking for new cultural experiences. Culture encompasses everything from language to music and art. Europe is an extremely diverse place, and there are new cultural experiences on every corner. Simply craving novel cultural experiences is a common reason for people moving abroad.

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