What are Outdoor Beanbags?

When you think of beanbags you probably think of them being indoors perhaps in a trendy living space or kid’s bedroom. But did you know that they work really well in an outdoor setting too? An outdoor bean bag chair will be specifically made for outdoor usage and makes a great addition to any contemporary outdoor space.

Water Resistant

Obviously, when a bean bag is outdoors it needs to be water resistant, or one would hope. Most outdoor bean bags are made from water resistant polyester, which means they can easily withstand the rainy British weather.

Easy to clean

Similarly, because something is outside it is more likely to get dirty. That’s no problem with most modern outdoor bean bags and they are made to be easily cleaned with soapy water. Let’s face it, one of the best things about bean bags is that they can be thrown around, used and abused, and this is no problem with specially made, durable outdoor bean bag chairs.

Lots of Styles

You’ll find lots of different styles of outdoor bean bag chairs. For instance, there is the recognisable high back models, which look just like an oversized, but very comfortable, chair. Alternatively, there are bean bags that are more akin to giant outdoor cushions, ideal for lounging about in the sun.

Outdoor bean bags combine youthful, colourful cool with comfortable functionality to really enhance garden spaces, come rain or shine!