What is Bad Web Design?

Whilst it’s fair to say that there are, these days, probably more decent websites than bad ones, there are still plenty of poor sites out there. There are also lots of OK websites that have a few problems, or, to put it another way, annoying features or elements of their design that undermine the site as a whole.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that websites make, reasons to choose web design in Leicester:

Too Many Pop-ups

Especially if you run an e commerce site you might consider using pop ups. These are little windows that literally “pop up” when you’re using a site. Unsurprisingly, many users find these very annoying, not least because closing pop ups take time. Sure, there might be some instances where pop-ups are helpful, however too many pop-ups is likely to be very annoying.

Bad Navigation

How easy is it for a user to travel around your website? Obviously you want this to as easy as possible. Perhaps a little surprisingly, some websites, even websites that look well designed, have bad navigability, which means users can do what they want to do on the site within a couple of clicks.

Terrible Text

Whilst texts tend to be more visual than they’ve ever been the internet, as a whole, is still a text based medium. So, the text you use on your website is very important. Not only should your text be relevant and well written, but it should also be stylised in an attractive way. In other words, don’t choose an annoying font. To get the best text as well as web design Leicester you might need the help of a copywriter.