3 Web Design Usability Tips

What do we mean by usability? Essentially usability, in the context of web design, relates to information retrieval. In other words, how easy is it for users to retrieve the information they are looking for from your website? The easier this is the more positive the experience for your website users.

Navigability is Key

Users are only able to retrieve the information they are looking for if they are able to navigate the website. There are lots of ways to improve the navigability of your site. A shortcut is to implement site search, so users can simply type what they are looking for in a search box. Many users only turn to site search as a last resort so it’s important that your site’s content is well-linked and you have a functional site map.

Text Content is King

Whilst the internet is evolving into a more aesthetic medium at its heart it is still reliant on text. The text carries explicit meaning and is therefore instrumental when users are trying to search for information. Ensure that your website carries sufficient text to facilitate user navigation and don’t go overboard with images, which could affect the loading time of your site.

The Scan-ability Factor

Whilst it is true that written text should form a key part of your website it’s not necessarily the case that users will read the majority of the text. Instead, many studies have shown that users scan websites so your page should be well laid out and have inherent “scan-ability.” If you’re looking for web design in Leicester search for web design Leicester online.