A Beginner’s Guide In Building A Landing Page

A Beginner’s Guide In Building A Landing Page

Most businesses tend to settle with landing pages that are ready-made. Well, if you do not have enough time, know-how team and expertise to create landing pages and can afford to constantly pay for services related to landing pages, then this one is the way to go. However, there are 2 conspicuous problems with it: first is the limited ability for customization and the second is the amount of money you have to spend for continuously using similar landing page.

Services for landing pages follows software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which usually makes sense since you tend to replace huge upfront expenditures with smaller monthly charge. You are reducing the risk that the huge software investment you have might be obsolete in few years, and gain valuable functionality even before you could purchase the full system. Consider hiring a company that offers medical marketing Sydney like Online Marketing for Doctors for a guided decision.

Building a Landing Page from Scratch

So, why do you need build a landing page of your own from scratch? Initially, this won’t cost you that much, you only have to spend some bucks for copywriting. There is so many other reason why building landing page from scratch is much preferable.

Landing page Platforms

So, you want to build landing page as fast as possible. Template is then the solution, although in most cases it isn’t the best way. There are lots of sites where you can build landing page just in a breeze. We will take a look on the two of them: Wix and Unbounce

Wix is somehow in the general purpose. This offers wide array of templates to begin with, categorized by the type of industry and business you are in as well as customization options. However, most of Wix templates doesn’t really suit landing pages as for they lack forms, CTA and other elements that is crucial to have.

Unbounce, on the other hand, is considered an ideal page builder for every marketer. One of the reasons why it becomes an ideal option is that it offers tons of functionality especially for individuals whose landing page main goal is on conversions. There are more than 80 templates offered to suit every need of any landing page type. This also allows higher degree of customization, and let you do this as fast as you can without requiring zero coding.


HTML or Hypertext Markup language is considered as the language of web. This is used to describe or define structure and content of web pages. CSS or the Cascading Style Sheet, on the other hand, will define the look of your web pages. This is often referred as cascading since changes made to the top-level sheet style can cascade the entire system which allows you to make wider changes to the sites appearance by adjusting codes. Both provide a “hard way” of building a landing page.

Get rid of those monthly bills for landing page that are ready made. Search for a design and platform which will work, customize it for your product or brand, write an excellent copy, provide visitors handful of restricted options and start exploiting the huge benefits of landing pages. To make it possible, hire the best medical website design by Online Marketing for Doctors.

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