All You Need To Know About Canada Citizenship Point’s Calculator!

All You Need To Know About Canada Citizenship Point’s Calculator!

Migrating to new country is not an easy process for sure; there are few nations that have stringent rules when it comes to immigration and migration. Well, in this piece of write up we will discuss about one of the most welcoming nation that embrace people with open arms and by now you must have gotten the idea  and yes, you are right we are talking about Canada.

Canada is one of the most advanced and forward-looking country that supports people and cause to make the world a better place. It has great dynamics as it allows student, skilled people, and technologist to gain legal permanent residence in Canada. The federal government has many schemes; for instance they have pact with set of nations for student exchange program, wherein they allow student to work and study at the same time.

In addition, here we are going to throw light on the Canada skilled independent visa points calculator and if you are oblivious of the same then it’s important to have little back drop of the same. As the name, suggest skilled independent trade working experience and the candidates seeks to secure with the specific trade and  in order to apply for this program they must be living outside and here we have compiled the list of skilled working trade and that are as follows:

  • Maintenance and equipment operation trades
  • Supervisor and technical job
  • Chefs and cooks
  • Butchers and bakers
  • Industrial and electrical and construction trades
  • Processing and manufacturing

These above mentioned are a few skilled trades that falls in the category thus it becomes important to know about it then take up things in accordance. Apart from that, there are certain other eligibility criteria as well and for your assistance, here we bring you the rundown of the same.

  • Candidate must have 24-month work experience or he /she needs to have at least 3120 hours of paid work.
  • The time span of work experience must be within the span of five years, and if it is beyond that, then the work experience will be considered invalid.
  • Candidate must meet the job requirement as stated by the National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • He must also possess full time employment for a total period or minimum of one year. Else, you need to present certificate of qualification in the particular trade issued by the Canadian authority.

These are a few points that you need to fulfil in order to get the citizenship  but this is not all as you need to look at the point tally as well which is termed as Canada citizenship points calculator and that can be easily calculated online as there are numerous service providers that are doing the round. One can easily find the list online as well but the best bet is to take help from the official site, so that you can easily get the right information and then you take up the right action for applying the citizenship.


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