Top Locations at Rock Bottom Prices for Your Office

As work opportunities become harder to come across, more and more people are turning to our nation’s capital in the hope of starting new business ventures. Consequently the price to rent office space in London has increased, and is now at its highest point for the last five years.

The most expensive area is London’s West End, while areas with WC, EC and SE1 postcodes are the cheapest. However, rather than looking for the cheapest solutions possible, most businesses are now looking for premium offices in a bid to impress customers, clients and business associates. With so many competitors in the marketplace, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. Your branding and corporate image become crucial factors in beating your competitors, and your office is an important part of this.

For more affordable office solutions, serviced offices provide a quality office at an attractive location without the lengthy lease terms and expensive rental rates to go with it. What’s more, most of office-related expenditure is included in the monthly rate, such as utilities, furniture, security, maintenance and cleaning. It’s clear to see why these kinds of offices are preferable to those seeking to rent office space in London.

Businesses of every size are finding that serviced offices are the way forward for the best premises at the best prices, giving them the best of both worlds. Located in prestigious business centres, businesses can also benefit from using meeting rooms, often fully equipped, to host events meet business associates. This is extremely important for getting your name on the map, creating a good impression and growing your business.