3 Ways to Cut Commuter Costs

For most working folks, there’s more than likely a commute between their home and place of work. In a tough economy where it’s estimated commuting to and from work takes up a massive one 20% of an employee’s annual pay, what are the options for those looking to reduce their whopping commuter bill?

1. Cycle
According the RAC, the annual cost of car ownership is £5,869, with most of that going on fuel. Bike Radar also found that around SEVEN MILLION people travel less than five miles on their daily commute, and they all do it by car or public transport. It’s estimated these people could save £500 annually by cycling to work and using building bicycle storage each day rather than their Oyster card! Custom racking is compact, secure and can offer real encouragement to employees thinking about cycling.

2. Car-share
One car has about four usable spaces, which means only paying a quarter of the petrol costs, toll road costs and parking costs relating to the commute. Four people car sharing could take that 20% of annual earnings spent on travel down to just 5%

3. Rent out unused parking spaces
A great way to make some of that travel cash back is to rent out unused parking spaces to other commuters during the day. For folks living near a main train station or business district, £200 per month isn’t an unusual rate. Similarly, folks living near a venue like a sports arena could rake in £20 per day on match days!