Why True Running Shoe Research Pays Off

Research into the motion of running can reveal shocks that resonate throughout the entire body. As well as causing upset stomachs in those who don’t have the tolerance, running can become laborious and put more strain on muscles and cartilage than is really necessary. Developing effective running techniques can reduce shocks, but the foot naturally requires some support from the running shoe. While many other manufacturers pride looks above performance, Mizuno aims to synthesise both. Their BE Mizuno Running Shoes are for the serious runner who wants complete style wherever they may be. They also require the top of the line when it comes to research into serious running that can have a positive effect on a person’s physical ability. These are designed to be lightweight but as durable as heavier footwear, giving them a sturdy feel that gives multiple layers of protection to the sole while also budgeting for the distributions of weight that the foot will have to deal with.

The most revealing aspect of these trainers is how what they do with the runner’s toes. Research led Mizuno to feudal era Japan where warriors wore shoes that were too small, causing their toes to protrude. The sole of these trainers has the same mechanism, resulting in a greater level of stability achieved through less constriction on the toes which can spread to stabilise the body with each footfall. This also activated the toe and feet muscles as well as those of the lower leg, thereby distributing the leg evenly.