Getting Your Christmas Dinner Table Ready

With the Christmas period most definitely on its way, it’s time to take stock of your tableware. Having the family round for Christmas dinner doesn’t just require emergency chairs – often, emergency dishes are also necessary! To avoid having a mismatched dinner table this Christmas, make sure you plan ahead. Think about how many people you’ve got coming round and then count up your dinner service pieces.

If you have a dinner service from Denby, you’ll be able to replace any broken pieces easily. The Denby Promise means that they’ll give you a 12-month window if a pattern is being discontinued, so you’ve plenty of time to stock up. What’s more, all pieces can be bought individually as well as part of a complete dinner service, so you can add in any extra place settings with no hassle at all. While you’re taking stock of your dishes, don’t forget to make sure you have enough glassware and cutlery too. There’s glassware to complement Denby’s most popular ranges, so you really can have a stunning dinner table this Christmastime.

Of course, the Christmas dinner table isn’t just about the plates and dishes. As well as their renowned table and stoneware, Denby have lots of other Christmas kitchen essentials to help you out this festive season. Pick up a mince pie tin or a quality roaster, and don’t forget to decorate your table with a Christmassy feel – red and green are optimal colours, but gold and silver work a treat too!