Caring for towels

Having a set or two of luxury bath towels is a great addition to every home. Towels can be a major, long-term investment so it makes sense to take great care and keep them in great condition for years to come. As towels are often used every day and can become coated in skin or grease, they need to be cared for correctly. If they are not washed often enough, they can harbour germs; so keeping towels hygienic is essential.

Usually, in order to help towels retain their colour, it is important to wash them before they are used for the first time. Many modern towels which are bought online are dyed with bright, strong colours and it is important to keep them looking fresh. Bathroom towels are usually very absorbent and it is essential to preserve this to get the maximum benefit. By avoiding strong detergents and bleaches, towels can retain their absorbency; although using a gentle fabric conditioner will ensure that towels are kept looking fluffy.

Tumble dryers can seriously damage the fabric of a towel, making them less absorbent and attractive. If it is necessary to dry towels in this way, a low heat setting should be chosen and the shortest drying programme too. It can be beneficial to wash towels separately without mixing them with other washing. Filling the washing machine with too many towels can potentially lead to rips or permanent wrinkling so making sure the drum is not overloaded is important.