Great gifts for Men at the RAF Gift Shop

Since its formation on April 1st 1918 the RAF (Royal Air Force) have been flying high protecting Britain and her allies. Compared to other branches of the military, the RAF might enjoy a relatively short history; however it is a history that just as prestigious, heroic and engaging as any other. Thanks to the RAF gift shop you can now sample some of this history, great if you have some personal connection to the RAF or you’re just  a big fan of those magnificent men and their flying machines.

Firstly it’s important to state that the profits generated at the RAF gift shop are fed straight back into the RAF museum, which is an extremely valuable institution for the preservation and exhibition of Royal Air Force history.

For many who love the RAF it’s the technology that appeals. Unlike other branches of the military technology is very much central to the RAF, and is a source of much fascination. Through various gifts you can indulge in the awe inspiring technology of Lancaster bombers or Spitfires, for instance with die cast aeroplane models or model aeroplane kits.

There are also gifts that have a direct link to certain important events in the life of the RAF. For instance, you can purchase real spare parts or facsimile documents from WW1 and WW2. These are great resources for educational purposes or are great for those who appreciate military history. And this is just the very tip of the ice-berg, visit the website for many more official RAF products.