Mobile web shopping is popular in the UK

A rising number of retailers now rely on fulfilment services to help them get their goods out to customers on time and intact. Also, using reliable fulfilment specialists can save companies a considerable amount of money and hassle. Consumers in the UK increasingly turn to the web to source goods rather than heading to the high street and there are many different ways in which people can connect to cyberspace when they want to make purchases.

For example, speaking to told Know Your Mobile recently, eBay’s Jonny Gabbai pointed out that many Britons use mobile devices to get online. According to the expert, UK consumers utilise their mobile phones and tablets for shopping more than any other nationality in the world. He said: “The UK is the strongest market for mobile, by far.” The expert added that eBay alone receives around 17 million visits a month and there are now more than 100 high street brands selling their goods through its online services.

Meanwhile, Mr Gabbai added that it is now possible for people to search for certain kinds of products over the web by taking pictures of similar goods on their mobiles. For example, consumers can take an image of a particular colour and then search for clothes that match this online using special applications. Of course, as well as being able to shop with the upmost convenience, individuals also expect to receive impressive levels of service once they have placed their orders. This means they want to get their items on time and in good condition.

To help them meet these expectations, many businesses are turning to fulfilment services providers. As well as helping them to uphold high standards of customer service, taking advantage of fulfilment specialists can also make managers’ lives much easier and it can be important in terms of boosting efficiency.